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  • Dentist Re-Credentialing Form

    Delta Dental of Arizona is required by Delta Dental Companies to re-credential our participating dentist network. As part of this process we must have the following Credentialing Agreement completed and returned with all required information. Delta Dental of Arizona (Delta Dental) will return incomplete or incorrect agreements to request corrections and additional information. This form must be completed and signed by the dentist.
  • No Obligation IT Security Assessment

    Click to view what Delta Dental of Arizona Board Member Dr. Rich Higgs says he learned through our no cost IT security assessment. Medix Dentalís report outlines risks, and a plan for remedying concerns. While it is their specialty, there is no obligation to use Medixís services following the assessment. After watching the video, visit to sign up for your free IT security review.
  • Avoid Return Of Claims For Inaccuracies

    Due to national data accuracy and privacy standards, DDAZ will no longer correct incomplete or inaccurate paper claims. Instead, all inaccurate or incomplete submissions will be returned and will not be processed until corrected. Electronic claims are already being sent back to your clearinghouse for corrections. To avoid delays in processing and payment, please refer to these step-by-step instructions for submitting claims.
  • We're Here To Help

    Answers to most dental office questions can be found in the Dentist Connection. If you canít find the answer online or have a specific question about direct deposit, contracting and credentialing your office or a new associate, changing your tax ID number or the proper use of NPI numbers, you can request support from a provider network specialist.
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